My Progress

Since this site is all about achieving health and fitness goals, I would be a hypocrite if I didn’t keep you all updated on my own progress. Sure, I write blog posts on what’s going on and everything, but since I’m putting myself out there, why not put myself ALL the way out there with a page dedicated entirely to my current state of affairs. Is it scary showing the world how out of shape I let myself become? You bet it is! On the other hand, I’m putting myself out there to show those of you who might be in a similar boat that you’re NOT alone in this. If I can do this, so can you. Let’s do this together!

My “Before” photo:

This photo was the only full body photo I had from
before I started this program. Since getting chubby, I rarely allowed full body photos of myself because they were too painful to look at. This is one that was taken of me at the insistence of a relative on a fun day out and that made me cringe when I looked at it.

I’m sharing it here with all of you because I want you to know that I’ve struggled with this, too. This photo was taken in early April, 2017. I am dating it because I will be adding additional photos as I go.

IMG_6429.JPGBeginning of May, 2017

Ok, so posting this on the internet is TERRIFYING to me. I look at this and I think I look awful. I used to be an athlete…what happened? You should know that I NEVER take my shirt off in public like this. Not at the beach, not at the pool…nowhere. Showing this photo is a big deal for me because I’m pretty ashamed of the state of things. Still, one has to admit there’s a problem before one can move on. So here I am.