My name is Heather and I would like to welcome you to my little corner of the internet. This is my little place to talk health and fitness and about all of the other random things I’ve learned, thought about, and experienced along my journey. I decided to become an Independent Beachbody Coach in order to keep myself accountable as well as to help others with their journey! I welcome you to the site and hope you kick back, stay a while, and say hello!

This is me:

The name of this terrace made me really happy.

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So….what’s this site all about, anyway?

This is the story of one desk jockey’s journey from fatness to fitness. There are a million stories like mine out there, but this one is special because it belongs to me. For so many of us with desk jobs and busy lives, fitness can be a challenge. Throw in a love for food, a natural inclination to relax, and a few anxieties and you’re left with the modern struggle. I’m here to share my story, to be held accountable, and hopefully to inspire others to go on their own journeys to health in any way that I can!

If you want to read my backstory (a.k.a. my first post on this blog where I poured it all out), just click here.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey. Feel free to leave a comment, drop me a message (via the contact form) and ask me anything!

What’s with the name?

I thought long and hard about the name of this blog and went through several iterations before deciding on Desk Jockey Fitness. As a graphic designer, I spend a lot of time…well…sitting on my butt. In front of a screen. At a desk. This may seem familiar to many of you out there as the desk job is something so many of us have. Spending so much time working on a computer can have some serious health repercussions, as I’m sure you’ve heard a million times before.

For so long I felt pretty frustrated with all the smug fitness people who have the time to work out three hours a day and spend hours in the kitchen meticulously preparing and weighing out their foods. I live in San Diego, California, and I swear sometimes that everybody in this town seems to have all day to just work out and make kale smoothies except for me.

I’m here to show those of you who are in my boat that it’s possible. It’s possible to work at a computer and still get healthy. It’s possible to eat healthy foods, form healthy habits, and exercise regularly. It’s possible to go from a soft-bodied desk dweller to a….well, hard bodied desk dweller (the desk dweller part is a different problem, hahaha).

So, what’s all this about coaching?

When I signed up for Beachbody, I signed up as a coach. This means that I’m here to not only work to achieve my own goals, but also to help others with support, accountability, and guidance. My hope is to connect with others who want to achieve their own goals and help them along the way. That’s what being a coach means to me. If you’re interested in joining me in that capacity, let me know…I’ll get you the info. If you’re merely interested in checking out the blog and getting inspiration and support that way too, that’s cool too…I’m a no pressure kind of person. The main thing is propping each other up while we all work towards being happier, healthier people. You’ve got this!