My Fitness Journey

A Note on What I’ve Been Up To

So I talked about the program I’m on in my last post but I realize I haven’t really gotten into the details of WHAT I’m doing that’s working, so I wanted to elaborate for those of you out there who might be looking for solutions (and also to toot my own horn a little).

So I started the Shakeology/healthy eating about a week and a half ago and that’s going great. The basic premise is I’m eating about 1300-1500 calories per day and making sure I include the right portions of each nutrient in my diet. It’s very veggie and protein heavy.


I have a shake for breakfast that usually includes the shake powder, some unsweetened almond milk, a teaspoon of nut butter, and some fruit. I use frozen strawberries, peaches, or frozen acai packets. I’ve also been putting a few spinach leaves in there because more veggies are good.

Morning Snack

Usually some veggies like cut up bell peppers, jicama, carrots, celery, whatever I have on hand.


Some form of protein (I’ve been mixing it up, but pre-cooked rotisserie chickens from the grocery store have been a lifesaver. I just buy them and shave some off and eat it with veggies or salad and a small amount of carbs, like half a potato, some quinoa, that sort of thing.

Afternoon snack

Usually some more protein (turkey slices usually) accompanied either by more veggies or a piece of fruit.


Very similar to lunch, but depending on what I have on hand I mix up the ingredients (but always include the protein/carbs/veggie combo portioned out according to the little containers that came with my Beachbody plan.


For these, I’m mixing it up wildly. This will depend on my schedule, my level of motivation, and how I’m feeling. The main thing is to do SOMETHING every day. On days where I’m tired and sore, I’ll do a brisk walk out in nature for about 30 minutes. Other days I may go jogging, go to a CrossFit class, go to a class at the gym (zumba, yoga, spin, whatever), or do one of the Beachbody on demand workouts that came with my plan, which has a lot of different fitness videos you can stream. I might even just ride my bike or go for a hike. I went for a swim the other day. It really varies and that works for me because I get bored. Mixing it up keeps it interesting.

On Motivation…

When I first started, it was agonizing. I just wanted to lay on the couch and do nothing. I wanted to eat lots of tasty crap and do nothing. I was depressed and I knew it, but I also didn’t really want to do anything about it. I want to say that it does get easier. I’m only 1.5 weeks in and I’m feeling more energetic and more motivated. When you’re starting out this kind of program, you just kind of have to force the issue for a little while until you get in the groove. It hurts and it sucks for those first few days, but then you start to feel better, and….GASP!….you start to actually enjoy and look forward to your workouts.

So, if you’re out there and you’re feeling like you have a mountain to climb, just commit yourself to two weeks of being really dedicated. See how it feels. If you like how you’re feeling, commit to two more weeks. Then two more. Then make it a habit. It’s not so daunting if you think of it that way. I’m less than two weeks in and I’m hooked. I’m feeling more energetic. I’m less depressed. I’m happier. I’m down three pounds!!! I look forward to what the next two weeks will bring to my life, and the next two weeks after that….

You can do it! That’s my motivation for you today. Trust me, I’m just like you. I have a desk job. I’m chubby. I love food and laying around watching TV. If I can do it, so can you! Let’s do this together! I’m here if you need words of encouragement. Seriously, message me or comment on a post. I’m HERE. I know how important it is to have support, so I want to support you, too.

You’ve got this!

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