My Fitness Journey

Checking in

So I’ve been doing Shakeology for roughly a week now and I’ve got to say, this skeptic is hooked. I really, truly do have more energy than I’ve had before. I’ve been doing the shakes for breakfast in the morning because I’m one of those people who is always rushing like a mad woman to get out the door in the morning. It’s pretty easy to put the Shakeolody packet, some sort of fruit (I’ve been mixing it up…sometimes strawberries, peaches, banana, or possibly one of those frozen acai packets), and some unsweetened almond milk. I occasionally put a little teaspoon of peanut butter in there as well.

The other thing I got when I signed up for the program was a box with food containers in it and this has been great! It comes with a little book where you calculate your calorie range and then it gives you a plan based on the containers. They are designed to portion size out things like protein, fat, carbs, fruit, greens, etc. One of the things I struggle with is meal prep but this has somehow made counting macros WAY easier. I just shove things that fit the category in the containers, transfer them to my lunch box for work, and off I go. I’m feeling a little better and have lost a pound already so that’s good!

I’m working on adding back in exercise. Coming off being sick (again) so I’m taking it slow but I think today I’m ready to go actually do a workout. I did swim and run a little over the weekend, so it’s slow and steady. Now I’m just wondering if I should do yoga or something a little more intense tonight. We’ll see I suppose.

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