My Fitness Journey


The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry, as they say, and I am no exception. I’ve been sick since I last wrote in this blog. Really sick. For the past 4.5 days, I’ve done nothing but go from the couch, to the bed, to the couch, to the bed, and back to the couch again. I’ve had a fever. I’ve shivered. I’ve coughed. I’ve blown my nose, and I’ve slept under the woozy haze of heavy medication.

Things like exercise and calories are far from one’s mind when you find that your main concern is being able to breathe normally, or just stop sweating and shivering.

I’m improved today, but I say improved with the kind of enthusiasm reserved for such things like visits to the DMV or getting teeth pulled. The truth is, I still feel like crap.

I’m going back to work today, but only because I have deadlines that aren’t going to meet themselves. Under any other circumstances, I would crawl under a blanket and not come back out for the rest of the day.

Cold medication and cough syrup are my crutches today, and I only hope they will provide me with the relief I need to make it through today. For now, this whole quest for fitness is going to be replaced with a quest for feeling like a normal human once more.


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