My Fitness Journey

Off to a decent start

Ok, so I’m off and running with my goals. I weighed myself this morning. It wasn’t pretty. I’m not even going to tell you what it was because…it wasn’t pretty.

Anyway, it was important to do that because it gives me an idea of where I’m at so I can plan how to get where I need to be. As much as it hurts, data is useful.

A little recap on what’s happened since my last post. So, the stand-sit desk is really nice. I like having the ability to stand up during the day. It just….feels healthier. I’m planning on switching off between sitting and standing every couple hours or so. No need to stand ALL day, but I’m loving not being stuck in my chair all day, and it’s only been a day!

On the exercise front, I went on a short walk during my lunch break yesterday and then after work actually dragged my ass to the gym. I know, right? When I say gym, I mean the GYM, not CrossFit. I wanted to give myself a couple days to warm up before diving back in wholeheartedly, but I think I’ll go tonight. At the gym, I just did 30 minutes on the treadmill. I ran a little bit but my ankle started hurting so I dropped back down to a fast walk and was ok. I guess I still need to work on rehabilitating my ankle slowly. Baby steps!

Here’s tonight’s workout at CrossFit…

Warm up – 2 sets

  • 3 cleans (a lift)
  • 3 jerks (a lift)
  • 5 burpees (The worst thing on the planet)


(fun fact…WOD stands for Workout of the day, for you non-Crossfit people)

4 rounds for time (a.k.a. I have to do the below 4 times and then I record how long it took)

  • 5 clean and jerks  (It’s a lift with the big barbell. Not as scary as it sounds.)
  • Row – 2 minutes or 500m (whichever comes first) (on a rowing machine)

Accessory work

  • Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5 (Deadlifts are another lift, and the 5’s stand for the number of reps)

Sooooo…..after a couple months of not really working out that much, tonight I go back to CrossFit. Wish me luck!

***In all fairness, I was either sick, traveling, or jet lagged during most of the time “off”, so it wasn’t entirely laziness.

So anyway, that’s the workout stuff. Now for the food talk…

My plan is to eat delicious things in really moderate portions (not to cut it out) and to eat a LOT of fruit and vegetables. I’ve actually been pretty good in that area since the weekend. All the chopping and prep work I did on Sunday is really paying off big time. At breakfast I’ve been eating a slice of gluten free toast (which is like the smallest bread on the planet) with a little camembert melted on top of it. It feels decadent, but the quantities are small enough that I’m not eating an absurd number of calories. I’ve also been eating a cucumber salad I made up in the mornings (and also sometimes as an afternoon snack..will give the recipe below). Then coffee or tea as usual.

Lunches and dinners have been things like lightened cobb salads, homemade sushi rolls (with cooked fish…I don’t want to mess around with making my own raw sushi), Greek salads, etc. Tonight for dinner I’m thinking about making a salmon pesto pasta with some of my leftover steamed vegetables and lemon dill salad.

Ok, so this cucumber salad…ingredients all from Trader Joe’s…

Mix together chopped up cucumbers, a small amount of chopped tomato, chopped up endives (optional), chopped green onions, a little fresh dill (optional). Throw in a little goat cheese crumbles (just a small amount), and use about 2 tbsp of tzatziki as the dressing. Shake it up in a bag for maximum dressing coating. Seriously, this salad is yummy!

I’m not counting calories at this point. I’m going to focus on whole foods, lots of fruits and vegetables, and lean protein. I’m going to strategically plan my treats (like camembert) so I don’t go crazy. I’m going to see how doing this while starting back up with exercise does for me for a few weeks, and at that point I’ll re-evaluate if I need to count calories or not.

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